Arbutus Ridge, with spectacular views of English Bay and the North Shore mountains, is one of 23 communities in Vancouver. It stretches from Mackenzie and Puget Drive to East Boulevard and Maple Crescent, and from 16th to 41st Avenue. These boundaries are defined by the City for planning and administrative purposes and may not accurately reflect smaller historical neighbourhoods.

   Arbutus Ridge, is a quiet, mature area of up-scale homes, condos and long-time residents. When asked which community they live in, few would reply Arbutus Ridge especially since the low ridge that Arbutus Street runs along is not readily apparent. Instead, depending upon their geographic locations, residents associate themselves with neighbouring Dunbar, Kitsilano, Kerrisdale or Shaughnessy communities.

Did You Know?

   Former Prime Minister Kim Campbell attended Prince of Wales Secondary School. In her senior year she was voted the first female president of the Student's Council.

   In the 1920s, residents of Point Grey and Kerrisdale referred to the future Arbutus Ridge area simply as "Asthma Flats." The future neighbourhood was a huge swamp that could only be crossed via a three-plank sidewalk.

   Valley Drive dates from the 1870s, when its route was cut through the forest to provide the right-of-way for B.C.'s first logging railway. The street is one of the few streets in the community not oriented to the regular street grid.