Seller's Checklist

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The following should be provided to Ryan when you list your property for sale: 

Property survey

Mortgage lenders name, address, phone and contact person 

Any other loans, mortgages or charges against the property 

Any easements or right-of-ways on your property 

Lawyer or notary's public name, address and phone number 

House keys 

You and your spouse's contact information 

Average cost of utility bills 

Receipts and/or warranties on the property's roof, furnace, hot water tank, appliances and/or other improvements 

Fixture or chattels that are not for sale 

Your thoughts on special features of your home and community 


If your property is strata titled (condominium or townhouse), you will be required to provide the following before a sale can be made: 

Information Certificate (Form B) 

Current strata bylaws 

Current strata financial statements 

A copy of the last annual general meeting and any special meetings 

A copy of any special levies 

Parking stall and locker numbers 

Two year's of strata council minutes 

The strata council president's and strata management company's names, addresses and phone numbers 


If you are selling a property that is rented out, whether whole or in part, the following is required: 

The tenants full names and phone numbers 

Rental periods start and end dates 

A copy of the rental contract 

Information about the damage deposit made 

Current rents and when they are due  

Additional information about what is included in the rent