Purchasing a home involves a lot of paperwork, most of which are contractual documents that will legally bind you to the numerous terms and conditions. For this reason it is important to have a good lawyer acting for you. Someone to protect your rights and interests.

Finding a Lawyer
If you don t have a lawyer, you can look for a referral from friends, family or business acquaintances. Look for someone with real estate experience and discuss their fee scales. Your RE/MAX® Sales Associate can help you locate a reliable professional, whom you fee comfortable working with.

Lawyer's Function
You will need a lawyer to process your purchase and ensure the terms are met:

  1. The correct property is purchased
  2. transfer title to your name(s)
  3. ensure title is free and clear of prior owners encumbrances
  4. your mortgage is registered properly on title

The legal process varies from province to province within Canada. Specifically, you will need to consult with your chosen legal professional and he/she will explain the process and the steps that need to be completed before you get the keys to your new home.

Your lawyer will prepare a "Statement of Adjustments" outlining all the financial aspects of your sale.

Legal Fees and Disbursements
The difference between legal fees and disbursements in analogous to the parts and labour you pay when fixing your car. Your RE/MAX Sales Associate can help you locate a reliable professional, whom you feel comfortable working with.